Road Riding 

The Mad River Valley offers miles & miles of spectacular road cycling and is the home of the famous Green Mountain Stage Race.  Please help us maintain positive relationships with motorists by sharing the road. The Waitsfield Directory and Mad River Valley Chamber are great places to find paved and dirt road loops.

See below for suggested routes. They will open in a new window showing the route and elevation profile.  GPX and TCX files are also supplied.  



1. Granville out-and-back. An easy cruiser from Waitsfield to Granville and back.  All pavement, 1655' elevation, 31.4 miles.  GPX / TCX

2.  Middlesex out and back.  A road and gravel out-and-back with about 1900' total climbing, 29.6 miles. GPX / TCX

3.  Warren loop.  An easy loop from Waitsfield to Warren Village and back via East Warren Road.  1123' total climbing, 14.5 miles.  GPX / TCX 


1.  East Warren-Granville.  A bit more climbing and gravel than the out-and-back above. 3000' total climbing, 41.8 miles. GPX / TCX

2.  German Flats - Inferno - Plunkton - East Warren. Sustained and with some steeper dirt road climbing, this one totals 28 miles with 2648' of total climbing.  It passes Blueberry Lake, an excellent place to lunch and home of the Mad River Riders and National Forest Service beginner/intermediate mountain bike trails which are also suitable for cross bikes with 30c or larger tires.  GPX / TCX 

Longer Rides (all pavement)

1.  Middlebury & Appalachian Gaps.  Two iconic climbs, both (partially) re-paved in 2016 and connected on the East by Rt. 100 and Rt. 116 on the West.  Bristol, East Middlebury, Ripton, and Granville each have general stores for food and water.  68 miles and 5369' total climbing.  GPX / TCX

2.  Warren and Waterbury.  A cruiser with gentle climbing starting in Waitsfield, heading out to Warren, back via East Warren Road, and on to Waterbury via Rt. 100.  Return via Rts. 2 and 100B.  Food and water available at the Warren Store (Warren), Red Hen Bakery (Middlesex), and tons of options in Waterbury.  45 miles and 3000' total climbing. GPX / TCX

3.  Middlebury Gap - Richmond - Waterbury - Waitsfield.  A 106-mile, 6300' loop over Rt 125 and out to Richmond via Main Road from the base of the Appalachian Gap.  Reduce the distance but add to the vertical by taking the App Gap back to Waitsfield.  Food and supplies in Hancock, Ripton, East Middlebury, Bristol, Richmond, and Moretown. GPX / TCX

Obey traffic signals & stop signs, ride with traffic, and use the right most lane. Ride straight, signal turns and check behind you before turning. Wear bright clothing. Use a white front light & red back light. Make eye contact with others and don't ride on the sidewalk. Watch for turning vehicles. Look out for pot holes, debris, and moose. Check your tires, brakes, and chains. Carry tools appropriate for your ride. Wear a helmet, have fun!